August 1973, a one-man company was founded in a small office inside of a Abbatoir in the town Kiel with the name DAN LACHS.

For many years, this family concern from Denmark produced Smoked Salmon, which became their best seller, making this their name product. Today salmon is just one among a vast array of products.

Being apparent at the "Kieler Seefischmarkt" in 1978 aided the growth of the Import of frozen fish for the fish curing industry DAN LACHS was on the right place at the right time! As customer interest for deep frozen products arose, the company expanded, outgrowing the rented area in which they were situated.

In 1989 the company moved to much larger site. Just before reaching Kiel, Raisdorf, built new offices and cold store facilities. Additional cold stores was build in 1991 and 1994 in order to improve capacity.

2001 saw the opening of a sales office in Rostock, which operated there until the end of 2018, allowing the company to specialize and intensify customer service in the various sale areas.

January 2007 DAN LACHS expanded its activities through market expansion to be operating directly on the Danish market. A natural step for the future development in the Scandinavian and European Economic Area.