Lake - Suhrer See or "A passion for fish"

Those, who earn their living from fish, have a very spezial relationship to these creatures, their Environments and their keeping. DAN LACHS and employees caring for the various species goes without saying.

Thereby as the cleanest lake in Schleswig-Holstein it became noticed and taken over from DAN LACHS. For example are the Hamburg University practicing and developing various environmental aiding projects, which contribute to a healthy environment.

Lake - Suhrer See

The Lake is roughly 140 hectares big, situated in the "Schleswig-Holsteinischen Schweiz" between the Lake "Behler See" and Lake "Vierersee", also belonging to the "Plöner Lake" plateau. General average depth is 8.3 meters and the maximum depth roughly 25 meters. The area is bedded in a sandbank in a relatively secluded district. The Lake of nutritive Substance due to the sand make the water to the highest quality. Such Lake are a rariety in Schleswig-Holstein.

Due to glacier-drifting in the last ice-age, the Lake Suhrer See exists. The Plöner Lake appeared as the glaciers disconnected and moved in certain shore areas. Up to three meter high shelf edges are still visible.

A Nature Preserved Area

The Lake Suhrer See is a National preserved area recognised by the European Biotop Assocciation, Natura 2000.

A Preservation Area protection system with it's secure regulations guard and oversee this area. This National Preserved Area allows protection, saftey, preservation and production. The Lake Suhrer See and its surroundings offer a home for many various kinds of species. For sensitive creatures such as certain waterfowls: heron, eurasian pochard, golden eye and red chested pochard ducks and also such birds like honey buzzards, kingfishers, red-breasted flycatchers, black- and middle spotted woodpeckers have their nesting areas here. Therefor the Lake plays an important regional role for these creatures.

Underwater World

The Lake Suhrer See offers a perfect living room for many different species of Life, due to it's spezial vegetation as for example powans, eels, trout, perches, pikes, catfish, sturgeons and crustaceans. The lack of Nutritive substances allows the water to stay clear, so that it's possible at certain points to view the lakebed five metres down. Exotic plants such as Laichkrauter and Armleuchteralgen can also be found in Lake Suhrer See.


Together with Research institutions DAN LACHS works and supports differents projects, permitting the use of the Lake. At the moment a research project is underway from a German University about the development and production of reeds.