Commodities management

The company grounds offer housing to three deep frozen conplexs around 20.000 m³. Roughly 3.000 tons of fish can be held with a daily movement of about 2.500 tons. This makes DAN LACHS operable tons deliver the whole year round.

With at least 300 various products, such as raw materials for smoking and production, fish fillets, shrimps, shellfish, salmon, pelagic products etc.

The company cares and caters for almost all deliveries with their own modern truck fleet. Our drivers know our customers; their friendliness, flexibility and punctua always has the highest priority for DAN LACHS.

Our own internal logistics function, whether importing, product- and quality control, storing, customs handling, commissioning or delivering guarantee our customers highest quality and satisfaction.

All of this adds to DAN LACHS reliable and trustworthy reputation.